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Mind Plus Life provides high quality counseling and corporate training that helps our clients to achieve their maximum business potential. We believe in providing solutions based on leading edge techniques, supported by scientific facts and background, delivered professionally by our certified and accredited trainers..


Assessments and Testing

Besides entry level, experienced worker and advance skillstandarized assessments, MPL can help your business create custom testing solutions to measure the knowledge, skills and capabilities of your current work force or to assess potential new employees. The right candidate for advancement varies from field to field, and in order to ensure that the employee fits the position specific challenges, it may be beneficial to build a custom test personalized for your unique organization.


Training Program

Staff training and development activities are important for business. It will improve employees skills specific to the business, and will keep both the organization and employees up to date in admin and management areas well-being.


Counseling/Mental Health Support

MPL’s EAP provides initial and short-term counseling to employees, and oftentimes their immediate family members. You can seek confidential help with work, family, personal matters, financial, stress, and other issues affecting your well-being. Work-family conflict can have negative effects on your behavior, emotions, and health. The EAP can help you and your family members find resources for the challenges you may face, including child care, moving, senior care, and special needs services.


Conflict and Crisis Management

MPL’s Conflict & Crisis Management Cluster is combining theory and practice in preparing individuals from diverse organisations to get a better and deeper understanding of crisis management tools and techniques could be the most appropriate in a given situation. We strongly believe that crisis management and decision making are critical for all sectors of society, and the way you perceive a crisis could differ from a sector to another; in addition to the wide spectrum of crisis that you could face.

Tailor-made Training Programs


3 C’s of employee engagement

Corporate communication Skills
Mental Readiness
Emotional Intelligence
Problem solving and decision making


Time Management

Interpersonal skills
Holistic Wellness
Team Building
Professional & Business Etiquettes


Hospitality Training

Personality development
Leadership Skills
Motivation & Goal Setting
Stress/Anger Management


Conflict and Crisis Management

Passion & Commitment
Mindfulness & Meaningfulness
Design Thinking

The Need for Corporate Training Solutions

Organizations need business training programs to help employees add to their skill set and expand their knowledge base. Such training programs are vital to any organization. It improves employee satisfaction levels and boost employee morale. At the same time, they pave the way for innovation, enhanced productivity and employee performance.

Here are a few challenges that enterprises face when it comes to the need for effective corporate training.

• Motivating employees to enroll for the training programs.
• Effective planning and consistency in the scheduling of training programs.
• Engaging the participants and holding their attention during the training program.
• Keeping the content / training material updated.
• Incorporating personalized evaluation systems.
• Effective tracking of participation and post assessments.
• Ensuring relevant application of skills acquired during the training program.